Price's School, Fareham

In 1721, William Price, timber merchant in Fareham, Hampshire, England, wrote his will. He specified two charitable legacies:

  • to create a charity school to educate and cloth thirty poor children of the parish
  • to provide a fund for the benefit of poor widows of the parish

The Charitable Fund continues to this day, as The William Price Charitable Trust.

The school became known as Price's Charity School on West Street, Fareham. In 1908, it moved to a new site on Park Lane, Fareham, before becoming part of the English state education system. It remained there as Prices School until 1975, when it changed into a sixth-form college, and finally turned into Fareham College in 1984, at which the name Price's School ceased to exist.

The 300th anniversary will be in 2021; while Price's School no longer exists, the Society of Old Priceans is still very active. This website is part of the society's celebration of this tercentenary.

The website contains information about all periods of the school's history, from William Price's early life through to the closure of the sixth form college and its integration into Fareham College. The information comes from historical documents, web sites and personal reminiscences. More information is always welcome.

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