The LION was the Price's School Magazine published (with some gaps) from 1915 to 1975.

This Society of Old Priceans scanned paper copies of many of the LION issues and produced a CD containing "PDF" files of the results. The resulting images are too large for this web site, and also not easy to use as they are only pictures of the LION pages, and not searchable or copyable text. We've used computer "optical character recognition" (OCR) on the scanned images to produce text equivalent to the LION's contents.

The Society's CD was missing volumes I-V - that's to say all the editions before the "New Series". Old Pricean and former Prices teacher Roy Daysh collected an archive of many Price's School items, and we are grateful to his son Michael for making them available here.

The pictures, drawings and photographs, and the advertisements in the later editions, are mostly missing, and the layout may not be the same. As some of the images in the CD weren't perfect, we've manually corrected mistakes made by the OCR program. Nevertheless, mistakes will have slipped though as will spurious punctuation marks (quotes, commas etc.) where the OCR has been fooled by a smudge in the image.

Some editions contained lengthy tables of football, cricket and hockey match results. The layout in multiple columns confused the OCR, and the results arre very hard to correct, so they've been removed; our apologies to sports historians wanting to research the subject in detail. We can still provide copies of the CD's with all the pages as originally printed.

Please be aware: The LION is a product of its time, and the words used and attitudes expressed can sometimes cause offence today. Also, there are many "in jokes" about individuals who might not find them as funny as the original author no doubt did. We intend no offence to anyone, but offer these LIONs as they were originally written.

The editor promised a complete record of Old Boy's accomplishments during the Great War for the Christmas 1919 edition; sadly this was never published, and probably never written.

Copies of The LION on this website

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Note that the numbering system varies. Volumes I to IV correspond to school years, and the Numbers within volumes steadily increase, with one number per term. Volume V followed a gap of 18 months when no Lions were published, but continued Volume IV's numbering. There followed another hiatus, after which subsequent Lions are constantly Volume VI described as "New Series", up to the July 1925 edition, when the volume number reverts to 1.

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